Application maintenance

We specialize in application maintenance. Have all your developers gone? Nobody knows how your business-critical system works and nobody dares changing the 'running system'?

We have a lot of experience in application maintenance. Typically we will first install, if not present, a source control system to be able to track all the changes, and then we'll start writing test procedures. (Our favourite technologies right now are JUnit and Selenium).

Once the test framework is set up, this enables us to refactor the code without any effect on the production. With time, as we see potential for improvement, we will update your code so that it's maintainability increases.

Application Development

We are a solid partner for application development and specialize in the following technologies:

  • Web Applications using Vue.js and Node.js
  • Java and J2EE
  • IBM Notes Client applications

We no longer recommend starting a new project using XPages, since the technology is not being actively supported by IBM.

Application modernization - Fine-tune your application

Web-enable your application

We can web-enable your application. Our current favourite technology is using a Javascript Framework, integrate the business logic in the Web application, and use your current system simply as a data source.

Speed up your application

If you are experiencing speed and performance problems, there is a good chance that improved design will improve the performance of your Lotus Notes application - whether it be view speed or time to open documents. Fast applications save work time and keep your employees happy.

Squeeze your process

Typically, processes can be streamlined or simplified, which can then make the application supporting the process simpler too.

Explore your organisations' Shadow IT

People create workarounds to work with inefficient applications. By interviewing the key users of the database, we can discover where the inefficiencies are and what needs to be improved. It's called 'Shadow IT', and it's a sure-fire indicator of where an application is not meeting all the users' needs.

Find out which functionalities are really used (and removed unused ones)

One very good indicator of what is the core of the application is actually recording what people are doing. We can modify the template of the application so that it can record exactly what people are using. This is done anonymously, typically over a period of 2 weeks. This enables you to determine what your users are not using, and remove it!

Remove the clutter

As the requirements for an application increase, more and more functionality is added to it - and almost never removed. These historical leftovers contribute to a bloated application - we help you to streamline the application to your current needs.

What we will do:

  • Discuss with you your needs from the application
  • Discuss with the key end-users of the database (what are their needs? Is the usability of the database good?)
  • Make a technical analysis of the structure and documentation of the database
  • Make an analysis of those functions that are really used in the database (as opposed to those which are “nice to have”)
  • Reprogram the database from the ground up using industry-compliant standards and procedures
  • Redesign the user interface of the database
  • Introduce and perform the training for the new version of the database


Application Lifecycle Management

We can help you professionalize your environment:

  • separate Development, User Acceptance Test, and Development Environment
  • clearly define roles between Developers and Administrators
  • Version and Template Management
  • Release Management
  • Use external tools to improve efficiency
  • Integrate ITIL concepts to your Team

Code Auditing

We can professionally audit your code to find performance killers and potential problem zones. This can be linked with trainings for your in-house staff to avoid such problems.

Stop the Troubleshooting!

Why choose us?

Our consultants combine business, engineering, and IT know-how and will translate your needs into IT projects painlessly.