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Statistisches Amt des Kantons Zürich

The "SHS-Account" project has been successfully concluded to my full satisfaction.

My team is very happy with the application. The processing of the large amount of data that we have to do now takes a fraction of the original time and the previously time-consuming coordination of the many e-mails has been considerably simplfied.

Thankyou for your work and your pleasant style.

Simon Dinkel

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City of Geneva, E-mail management System

Performance improvement of the mail management system of the city of Geneva:

Everything seems to be functioning perfectly. I have received some feeddback concerning the response times, in particular coming from our own ranks; the response times are excellent and users have noticed a real improvement.

I am happy to have given you this project, the quality of your work is excellent, as shown by your profesionalism and the lack of major bugs during the test period.

Hubert Linder
IT and communications